We aim to keep Italian craftsmanship alive by bringing the highest quality leather products to more people than ever before.

We travel to Italy to scout only independent brands and artisans who manufacture and source locally, making every product made in Italy from start to finish.

By selling online we cut the middleman and connect customers directly with the source. For you this means no typical Luxury retail markups.


Quality Craftsmanship
Modern design
Made in Italy

Fair pricing


Matteo Mattia Gemignani

“Wearing leather is much more than just being on trend or looking cool. It is an experience - a state of mind. It is the first textile ever created and still one of the most appreciated. And when it comes to leather, there is no doubt that Italians do it better. I was born in Tuscany, the heart of the most renowned leather craftsmen on earth. It’s a privilege to work with our artisans and bring their product to the world.”

Loris Pignoletti

“I grew up in the Riviera del Brenta, where most of the globe’s luxury leather products are manufactured. Growing up in Veneto means you understand and respect the obsession for details. It’s important in our culture. A craftsman’s highest ambition is to make his products better, every time. And the learning never stops. There are more brands to discover, more products to see and yet more to be created.”