Industry City was the largest manufacturing,
warehousing and shipping complex in 1910s New York -
the first of its kind in the city, and a business model
for the new industrialization worldwide.
The energizing vibes of entrepreneurship and untiring
craftsmanship are built within the walls.
They drove us here to establish our US Headquarters,
and deeply inspired our first Armadio Branded Collection.

Brooklyn, NY 2018

Industry City

In Brooklyn, NY

Gardener Brown

Maritime Dark Green

Gardener Pink

After years of working with many talented Artisans of Italy, we selected our most trusted ones in Tuscany to craft the first Armadio Label Collection. Our branded collections bring luxury manufactures and top-notch materials into a design a lady can wear every day, providing true investment pieces, that also won't leave you bankrupt for investing.

Maritime Red

Fireman Brown

Maritime Dark Green

Gardener Black

Maritime Red

Fireman Red

Maritime Mini Black